University of Lyon

Université Claude Bernard Lyon 1 (UCBL)
ERIC Research Team

University Claude Bernard Lyon1 (UCBL) is one of the largest Universities in France. UCBL has 85 departments: Biology, Material Science, Physics, Chemical Engineering, etc.
ERIC is a research team of University Claude Bernard Lyon 1 specialized in health services research. Its members are working in the fields of decision making applied to health care systems for more than 25 years.

Experience and excellence fields
The ERIC’s members works cover data mining and knowledge extraction from heterogeneous medico economic database, medico-economic evaluation, quality of life, preferences aggregation and multicriteria decision making. They have developed a huge experience in mathematical modelling of socio-economic phenomena, in particular concerning health care systems analysis, as for example, analysis of French DRG database, patient’s path in hospital, financial sustainability of health micro insurances,…They also have developed conceptual tools such as pretopology, random sets,… which enable a better understanding of phenomena in social sciences.

Scientist in charge
Prof. Michel LAMURE has a PhD in Mathematics, and is a professor at University of Lyon. He was involved in different responsibilities during these last years, in particular at a national level (advisor of the French minister of education, chairman of the French University National Council for computer sciences…).
His research interest addresses mainly evaluation methods in the field of Health, data treatment, modeling and simulation. He is former General Secretary of the International Society for System Science in Health care. He is co-editor at “Santé, Décision et Management”. He is the author of numerous publications in the field of decision-making support applied to Health and Quality of Life.

Main tasks in the project
The main task attributed to ERIC will address all workpackages, in addition to WP1 leading. UCBL will ensure efficient coordination of the ECHOUTCOME project and will assist partners during work packages tasks, and for the dissemination and exploitation of the knowledge generated during the project. In addition, ERIC will provide its experience in scientific tasks as described in WPs section: Experimental design to test main underlying assumptions of Healthcare Outcomes and Cost-Benefit approaches, advanced validation analyses, investigation of interest and limits of new approaches, simulation test of promising techniques of selected innovative approaches.