Università Commerciale Luigi Bocconi

Università Commerciale Luigi Bocconi

Bocconi University and its School of Management offer a wide range of study tracks in economic, managerial and legal disciplines at all levels of higher education. The University has a high percentage of international students and is part of a network of 145 partner universities in 46 countries. Through its 23 Research Centres, Bocconi University pursues a variety of research projects in the areas of economics and management in collaboration with European and Italian public institutions, companies and other universities at international level.
The Centre for Research in Healthcare and Social Management (CERGAS), within Bocconi University, was founded in 1978 and it promotes and performs basic and applied research in the areas of health and social care systems. The Centre collects 40 researchers and academicians with a variety of backgrounds such as economics, political science, medicine, biology, and applied statistics. CERGAS relies on a number of thematic observatories that regularly collect, analyse data, and publish commentaries on the most important trends in the Italian National Health Service, its organizational models and performance.

Experience and excellence fields
CERGAS has been involved in several multi-centre empirical studies both at national and international levels in cooperation with clinicians and epidemiologists. In recent time, CERGAS has carried out the FP6 project titled HealthBasket in collaboration with 7 other European partners.

Scientist in charge
Rosanna Tarricone is an associate professor in Healthcare Management at Bocconi University. She is the head of the Department of Economic Evaluation Analysis for Healthcare Programmes at CERGAS Bocconi University and Director of the Master of International Health Care Management, Economics and Policy (MIHMEP) programme at SDA Bocconi University School of Management.
Her main areas of research include healthcare management, health economics, economic analysis of healthcare services, and health policy with a special focus on different healthcare systems. Prof. Tarricone is also a member of the International Association of Health Economics (IHEA), the International Health Technology Assessment (HTAi) organisation, and the International Society for Pharmacoeconomics and Outcome Research (ISPOR). She is the author of several papers and book on healthcare management and economics.
She graduated from Bocconi University with a degree in business administration, and obtained an MSc in Health Services Management and a PhD in Health Economics at the University of London.

Main tasks in the project
The main task attributed to UBO is the leadership of WP 4: Development of new approaches in Healthcare Outcomes and Cost-Benefit. UBO will organize the expert panel meetings of this WP after performing an extensive literature review. UBO will closely work with partners UCBL, DMI, ULB, SFES and BMS to come up with clear recommendations about the use of Healthcare Outcomes and Cost-Benefit studies by public authorities in Europe.