Société Française d’Economie de la Santé

Société Française d’Economie de la Santé

The « Société Française d’Economie de la Santé » is a Knowledge Society, scientific association which members are key experts in the field of Health systems economy and management.

Experience and excellence fields
The SFES was created in 2002 to improve exchanges in Health Economics. SFES is experienced in providing recommendations in the field of Health Systems and has organized consensus conferences with Public health Authorities. In addition SFES organises on a regular scientific events (Conferences, symposia, Round Tables) on key issues in the Health Systems organization area.

Scientist in charge
The President of this society, Pr François Lhoste, is Professor of University, member of the Committee for Health Products evaluation, MD, University Professor in clinical pharmacology and pharmaco-economy. He has also a MBA-CPA (group HEC). He is at the origin of University Paris V Master in “Evaluation and negotiation of Health products and services” and co-director of the ESSEC Master “Strategy and management of Health Industries”.
Pr Lhoste is also involved as Expert at the Ministry of Finances, Economy and Industry and member of the Economic Committee on Health Products, delegated by the Ministry. He is President since 2005 of the SFES.

Main tasks in the project
The main task attributed to SFES will be to support of WP2, WP3 and WP4. In particular, SFES will make the scientific networks of its members available to the project. In addition, SFES will contribute to the circulation and the dissemination of information of the ECHOUTCOME project, in facilitating discussions and debates.