Lyon Ingénierie Projets

Lyon Ingénierie Projets

Lyon Ingénierie Projets (LIP) is a subsidiary of Université Claude Bernard Lyon 1,created in order to support the university researchers with their collaborations and projects.
LIP is dedicated to the management of research projects and follows up the administrative, financial, and intellectual property issues. LIP has extended experience in project preparation and in project management.

Experience and excellence fields
Lyon Ingénierie Projets (LIP) works with actors in the sectors of research and companies to set up public-private partnerships, by offering them:

  • a professional fund raising tool that provides a clear and coherent view of financial sources and procedures;
  • contacts with key actors, integration in existing circuits, links between the specialised competences of laboratories and the needs of large, small and medium sized businesses;
  • proven expertise combined with fast reactivity and flexibility to overcome the constraints of innovation and the requirements of investors.

Main tasks in the project
Lyon Ingénierie Projets will ensure efficient project management, assist the coordinator with the monitoring of the different work packages, and the dissemination and exploitation of the knowledge generated during the project.
LIP will co-lead with the Coordinator the WP1, and be a key support in the implementation of the communication and dissemination strategy: LIP will among other be responsible for the creation and maintenance of the website, as well as intranet-like tool to ensure efficient internal and external communication.
LIP will be the contact point and a support for the coordinator and all partners as regards project administration and financial rules, as well as IPR rules.