Cyklad Group France

Cyklad Group

CYKLAD is a newly created SME, located near the city of Lyon, with highly specialised competences in the field of decision-making processes analyses and optimisation.

Experience and excellence fields
The members at the origin of CYKLAD have more than 20 years of concrete experience in the field of information management and treatment, applied to Health sector. They all possess an in-depth knowledge data treatment methods and related techniques.
Gérard DURU, manager of the company has been directly and actively involved in two previous European-funded projects in the field of Health (EGOHID1 and EGOHID2).

Scientist in charge
Gerard DURU is the CEO of CYKLAD Group. He has a PhD in Mathematics, and is a former Research Director at CNRS and University of Lyon. He was responsible from 1981 to 1993 of a scientific group of interest in the field of Health, involving several research laboratories addressing multidisciplinary Health issues.

His research interest addressed mainly evaluation methods in the field of Health, data treatment, modeling and simulation. He is former President of the International Society for System Science in Health care. He is editor at “Santé et Systémique” and member of the publication board of the “Journal d’Economie Médicale”.
He is the author of numerous publications in the field of decision-making support applied to Health and Quality of Life.

Main tasks in the project
The main task attributed to CGR is the leadership of WP2: implementing a Pan-European survey of Health Systems in the 27 member states. CGR will organize an expert panel meeting with the ECHOUTCOME partners and some ad-hoc additional specialists in Health Systems organization. Then CGR will construct a standardized questionnaire and will select key health systems stakeholders from the 27 European countries. The Data collection and advanced multi-criteria analyses will be under the responsibility of CGR.