Tiffany presents its spectacular collection of fine jewelry 2017

Tiffany & Co. presented in New York its collection of fine jewelry “The Art of the Wild”, a hundred exceptional pieces celebrating nature and its wonderful chaos.
“Give me a little Tiffany!” On Friday, April 21, the stunning Jennifer Hudson – an XXL diamond cuff on her wrist – entered the gala organized by the American jeweler. Lemon-yellow minidress and vocalists at the Whitney Houston, the Oscar-winning singer gave an ultra-privileged and boosted concert to Tiffany’s best customers. Each year in New York, Michael Kowalski (also acting CEO since the departure of Frenchman Frederic Cumenal last February) invited them to the most beautiful pieces of the famous Blue Book, Since 1845 on the occasion of the edition of the first catalog of fine jewelry of the mark.

In a luxuriant setting where exotic plants masked the bricks of the St. Ann’s Warehouse under the Brooklyn Bridge for a night, many Asians, Australians and some European women raged on the dancefloor. Forgetting the sometimes compassed atmosphere of this precious universe, some have dared to hobble near Jennifer Hudson, also story to show some big pebbles scratched Tiffany & Co …

While the new art director, Reed Krakoff, should unveil his strategy early in the summer, this Blue Book 2017 is the latest collection designed by Francesca Amfitheatrof. And it’s probably one of its best. “Nature has always inspired Tiffany & Co. creations. We remember the pieces by Jean Schlumberger and his phantasmagoric flora. But this time, it’s a realistic nature, intentionally more literal, “warns Melvyn Kirtley, chief gemologist and vice-president of fine jewelry.

For several days, the design team has been impregnated with the energetic colors and intense light of the Hawaiian island of Kauai to explode into their creations a chaotic jungle. This sculptured necklace with its 350 sheets of gold – matt, brushed, polished or sometimes set with a few brilliants – hung on a necklace of 200 baguette-cut diamonds, for a total of 60 carats. Mobile and articulated, the long strands in fan seem to shudder with each movement of shoulders.

From their expedition, these exceptional botanists also brought wildflowers to multicolored petals, plants dipped in diamonds, leaves with contours softened by tropical moisture, a flop of birds of paradise with flamboyant rowing to stitch on the reverse A jacket or exotic feathers that wrap around the wrist … “A little more than a hundred pieces saturated with spessartites, spinels, tourmalines, tsavorites or amethysts, counts Melvyn Kirtley. Amongst the most spectacular stones, an unheated 51-carat Sri Lanka sapphire, whose incredible color contrasts with the four clawed claws that surround it. ”

Let us also remember this tourmaline whose green water reflections recall the famous blue Tiffany or, again, this spinel with the pop and hypnotic pink, quasi fluorescent, both mounted on large cocktail rings. The New Yorker remains, for the Americans, the “king of the diamond”. Set on a dazzling platinum necklace, the round, pear and baguette sizes feature here a cascade of a hundred carats which splashes the birth of the neck before sinking on the bust. The precious drops still flow on several pairs of fluent and undulating earrings.

Another bright centerpiece is the 26-carat bright yellow diamond wrapped in vineyard with a shiny twinkle of glitter like the famous Tiffany Diamond, an enormous yellow pebble of 128.54 carats acquired in 1877 by Charles Lewis Tiffany and now enthroned At the entrance to the famous Ve Avenue shop. Mounted as a collar in the late 1950s, it was worn only twice. The second, by Audrey Hepburn during a photo shoot at the time of the release of the film Breakfast at Tiffany’s by Blake Edwards, immortalizing the glamor and the sparkling style of the label. In fact, Tiffany’s creative energy is always appealing: most of the pieces in this Blue Book 2017 have already found buyers. Those who danced on Friday night under the Brooklyn Bridge.